Facial Massage   

Facial massage relieves tension, promotes relaxation and restores energy to your face by increasing circulation. Regular face massages also work to tighten, tone and lift facial muscles by giving the skin more youthful appearance. It has been suggested that regular facial massages can keep the skin looking smoother, firmer and healthier radiant looking. No wonder this massage has also been called an anti-aging treatment, " natural face-lift". This gentle form of massage accomplishes this by releasing tension, increasing circulation, tightening facial muscles, reducing toxins and impurities.

Despite of the advantages to improve the appearance of the skin, this very relaxing massage helps decrease the symptoms associated with tension headaches, anxiety and fatigue. Facial massage regulates the lymph flow and after the massage person feels relaxed and refreshed.

Ulla’s experience as an esthetician guarantees that the correct technique is applied. Ulla also corporates some facial reflexology, energy healing and Jade facial tools to make the facial massage more effective to her clients. Ulla has created an unique massage technique and routine which is relaxing and rejuvenating at the same time. 

Beauty and health come from inside. When person feels balanced and body is pain free, we function better, therefore can be more at peace, happier, compassionate and loving towards ourselves and others.              

Facial massage treatments, 45 minutes session $40
Please call Ulla for more details.

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